Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bask. Banter. Love.

One of my students' vocabulary words this week is bask.
We talked about it today, about how you can bask in the sun, or you can bask in a positive feeling.

Tonight I have basked in positive feelings.  I came home, and my wife came home, and we were silly and happy.  We got beer, and Thai food, and we laughed, and kissed, and snuggled.  We smiled, played with the dogs, sent some risque snapchats, listened to music.  We didn't deal with serious things, partly per my request.  

The serious things don't go away, and I know that my desire to avoid them can be a problem.  But tonight, the smiles, the laughter, the carefree-ness: it gave me life. And me, I know I have to get better at dealing with the serious things.  

Another one of my students' vocabulary words this week is banter.

Yesterday, I went for a long run in the forest with some friends, and with some people I didn't know well yet.

I can't really explain how it has felt to be a part of this group this summer.  Some of them are crazy traveling bitches.  Some of them go by other names.  But altogether, these people make up a group of runners in Central Arkansas who are badass as fuck.  Nice, accepting, funny, supportive, inclusive.  Hard core.

After a somewhat grueling 25 miles (and a lot of people had already done 25+ on Saturday, but not me), we sat down under the tent.  To banter.  I listened to stories, jokes, teasing.  I promise you, I basked.  I smiled.  I felt lucky. I met new people, got to know acquaintances a little better, said thank you's to people who are becoming closer friends.  

When we have these things--lovers, spouses, partners and friends and kids who love us, communities who welcome us--everything just has to be ok.

My family, my coworkers (who are also some of my closest friends), my wife, all of the friends that I have met in all of the ways: thank you.  You give me the strength to do my part.

I'm going to be better.  Bask, banter, love.


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